One to One Music Tuition

Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Vocal, Saxophone & Theory Lessons

Music Tuition Facilities

Music School Facilities

Rhythm Foundry has state of the art facilities throughout including:

  • 7 custom built teaching studios
  • 2 fully equipped practice studios
  • Spacious reception/waiting room

Each room is equipped with the latest high quality drum kits and amplification including:

  • Drums
    Pearl Drum Kits - Master Custom / Reference
  • Cymbals
    Istanbul / Zildjian
  • Mixing Desks
    Soundcraft / Spirit
  • Electronic Drums
    Roland TD6 / Yamaha DT Express
  • PA's
    Mackie / Wharfdale
  • Mic's
    Sure SM 58's
  • Amplification
    Marshall / Roland Cube
  • Piano
    Yamaha Digital
Music Tuition Facilities