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Dean Fradley Playing Drums

Dean Fradley began teaching in the Stoke on Trent area in 1997, often teaching from his studio and at students' homes. Building a reputation for the high standards of his teaching techniques he gradually gained around thirty students having weekly lessons. Whilst playing regularly on the gigging circuit Dean continued to take on more new students soon reaching full capacity. After numerous complaints from the local authority for noise nuisance - which was understandable - Dean decided to look for premises to open a drum school. In 2005 Dean found an old disused foundry premises to rent. He then began the hard work to turn it into a drum school. After three months the Rhythm Foundry's doors were opened.

Dean soon found he is working seven days a week teaching and more students were still enrolling. It was due to this influx of students that Dean decided to look for another drum teacher. Whilst teaching drums at Stoke on Trent College, Dean was introduced to a young metal drumming prodigy called Matthew Lane. Dean and Matt soon found out that they shared the same passion for drumming so Matt also began to teach at the Rhythm Foundry. As the Rhythm Foundry continued to grow, Dean received a call from a chap called Ashley Powell who had heard of the Rhythm Foundry and thought working there would be his perfect job. After many calls an audition was set up. After thirty minutes of the three drummers swapping rhythms and sharing ideas, Dean decided that Ashley would be the third teacher to join the establishment. Ashley could only be described as a genius drummer who has a sharp deliverance and the ability to execute anything he can think of.

As the Rhythm Foundry continues to develop it now offers guitar lessons with Wayne Ryles and bass guitar lessons from Graham Jones. It was a natural progression and to this day The Rhythm Foundry offers a wide range courses for every musical taste. With over 160 regular students, The Rhythm Foundry continues to build a presence within the North Staffordshire area