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Saxophone Lessons The Rhythm Foundry

At the Rhythm Foundry Music School, we offer Saxophone lessons. It doesn't matter what age you are, or what ability you do or don't have, our aim is to get you playing and excited about music; we thoroughly believe that it is never too early or late to start something new. We can take you as a complete beginner, at an intermediate stage or right at the top end and help you move into working professionally. Our teaching staff includes professional jazz musicians with regular gigs and experience playing with some of the top Big Bands in the country.

We offer teaching across a broad range of styles and genres of music, from Classical to Funk, Rock to Jazz (and even the odd bit of Reggae if you're that way inclined!) We can work through an existing grade structure (classical or jazz) from the preparatory stages all the way through to grade 8, or we can work outside of that and help you with specific aspects of your playing.

Alongside this, we are passionate about unleashing your creativity. Right from the very beginning, we aim to teach you to improvise and work with what you know to do something different. Music is all about expression, about finding your voice and telling the world all about you and what you have to offer; once you can make a sound out of that instrument, we're well on the way to achieving that!

Jazz: we can teach you to play jazz, how to interpret chords and chord progressions, how to improvise, how to feel it and how to blow people away with an amazing solo (maybe). We also focus on different techniques, tonal control (how to sound amazing) and how to pose properly and look the part!

For further information on Saxophone Lessons please call 01782 272288