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Bass Guitar Lessons at Rhythm Foundry

Bass Lessons at The Rhythm Foundry range from beginners who are discovering the instrument for the first time, to professionals who are looking for new concepts in their playing.

We offer both 30 minutes and 1 hour lessons either weekly or fortnightly. Young or inexperienced players are often better suited to a 30 minute lesson, whilst 1 hour lessons are recommended for the more experienced or advancing player.

We teach all aspects of the bass guitar, from the fundamentals such as holding the instrument correctly to basic picking techniques right up to advanced systems such as Slap Bass, tapping, Fretless and extended rang playing.

Rockschool grades 1-8 are also offered in the Rhythm Foundry's curriculum.

We cover all demeanours of music from reading notion and understanding chord charts, right through to advanced scales and chord studies. Our aim is to make you not only a greater bass player, but also to be a better musician

Each lesson is tailored to the individual students needs, so that they are able to realise their full potential in their playing.

We also offer lessons in Double Bass, with the same attention to detail and passion as the Bass Guitar. From the correct way to holding the instrument and basic Pizzicato technique, to more advanced Thumb position and Arco playing, every aspect of the instrument is taught.

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