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Guitar Lessons at Rhythm Foundry

Guitar lessons here at the Rhythm Foundry are aimed at all levels and abilities. From absolute beginners to professional level players, tutors enjoy teaching students from as young as 5 years of age to the tender age of 70. We provide 30 minutes to 1 hour lessons and find the half hour lessons tend to suit the more junior guitarist where as the 1 hour lessons generally benefit the older musicians.

We always recommend to beginner students that they learn the very important basics to get started, such as simply tuning the guitar to fundamental bar chords, but as a musician progresses it is highly important to draw influences from a wider genre of musical styles to suit.

The Rhythm Foundry guitar lessons repertoire and curriculum now consists of teaching the Rockschool grades 1-8 and plenty of our own materials built up over the years to keep the students interested and to widen their musical knowledge.

We teach both rhythm and lead guitar in the styles of blues, jazz, reggae, classical, rock, metal and many more, we also cover the aspects of guitar soloing techniques, song writing & arrangements

As important as it is to learn the proficiency and mechanics to playing any instrument, it is significant to become the finest musician one can be. This is a vital part of the Rhythm Foundry's teaching style, to help you not only become the best performer, but also to be an outstanding musician and songwriter!

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