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Vocal Lessons at Rhythm Foundry

At Rhythm Foundry, vocal students range from absolute beginners who are just discovering their voice, to professional level singers wishing to learn and develop fresh techniques or styles. Lessons can be 30 minutes (recommended for very young learners) or an hour for most students

Curriculum comprises & vocal coaching including the rudiments & breath control, forward placement techniques (the foundation of modern pop, rock, soul & jazz vocals) and extending students repertoire.

Singers may choose sessions purely on vocal coaching or material they select or is suggested by the tutor, or they can progress gaining qualifications through the rockschool grades 1 to 8 system.

Vocalists may study sight reading, intervals, harmony phrasing, dynamics & improvisation and performance skills.

Whether you're looking to find out if you can become the singer you dream of being or if you're an established vocalist hoping to develop you're voice, then we can help.

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