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Piano Lessons at Rhythm Foundry

Here at the Rhythm Foundry Music School we offer a wide range of Piano lessons for all levels of students, from the young beginner to the more advanced musician/pianist. Piano lessons can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour sessions and are all conducted on a one to one basis.

Musical styles & syllabuses during our piano classes can range from Classical Piano, Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz studies. However exclusive to the Rhythm Foundry we can also offer in our teachings: composition, transcription and Improvisation techniques to suit each individual piano student.

We teach most piano grades from 1 to 8, this including associated board of the royal schools of music for jazz piano & Rockschool piano exam syllabus.

All ages are welcome to come and join our piano classes, so whether your child is two years old or you're an O.A.P, the Rhythm Foundry has something to offer for you.

For further information about this or any other of the courses we offer, please get in touch today.